Visit Costa Rica: Explore Costa Rica’s Magnificent Southern Caribbean Coastal Region During Your Stay at Casa Conley Del Mar.

Discover this majestic region of Costa Rica and experience a vacation like no other!
Book your Costa Rica vacationat Casa Conley Del Mar, opening for business at the end of 2016!

Ken and Scott Conley are brothers who share a dream of building and operatingthis Costa Rican resort that will offer guests a unique and unforgettable experience in the Southern Caribbean Coastal region of Costa Rica. Now is the time to visit Costa Rica, and Casa Conley Del Mar is the perfect Costa Rica vacation destination!

Casa Conley Del Mar will provide a tropical oasis for those who visit Costa Rica seeking peace, tranquility, as well as adventure.  This hidden treasure is ideally located and encourages guests to partake in amazing outdoor tours and excursions.Casa Conley Del Mar is set in one of the most spectacular regions of Costa Rica. Here, untouched prehistoric rainforests and exotic nature reserves can be explored,and stunning white sand beaches beckon. Nearby Cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge offer visitors a chance to observe the region’s amazing wildlife, and there is also a vibrant and culturally rich port town that boasts magnificent architecture, attractions, and greatadventure all in one place.

Casa Conley Del Mar is located between the provinces of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, in Limon, Costa Rica.  For those unfamiliar with this area, visitors will find themselves immersed in tropical vegetation and lush jungle, as they also marvel at our pristine white sand beaches. Here, tourists can get to know and learn about our indigenous reserves and established Native American traditions. Those interested in the local indigenous culture can take part in tours to learn about this fascinating population of people and the blended cultures that exist here. These cultures have also inspired many distinctive flavors that can be found in severalamazingrestaurants that guests often frequent.

Cahuita is a small yet lively village that celebrates Costa Rica’s Creole culture, where in addition to enjoying the authentic and delicious cuisine, tourists can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving the coral reef, which is home to an array of marine species.

Casa Conley Del Mar is a brand new resort that will welcome all who visit Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean Coastal region upon the completion of its construction at the end of 2016. Ken and Scott Conley, proprietors of this Costa Rica vacation resort paradise will provide superior guest services at Casa Conley Del Mar, which include amenities such as yoga practice on Casa Conley’s sprawling 20 acre property with anexperienced instructor, as well as a sparkling pool and an onsite restaurant. In addition, Casa Conley’s staff looks forward to assisting every guest with planning a fun filled itinerary during their stay, to make their Costa Rica vacation unforgettable.